Friday, November 15, 2013

The Rob Ford Saga: A Stain On The City of Toronto

The Rob Ford saga has occupied the attention of the mainstream media and social media for some time now and anything I would have to add would be superfluous. Very likely, we have spent far too many hours obsessing over his behaviour and its effects on the reputation of the City of Toronto. Now, city council seeks to find a way to force him out of office or limit his ability to function as mayor of Toronto. It's hard to imagine that, with admissions of dangerous criminal behaviour, use of inappropriate language, public drunkenness, use of a soul-destroying drug like crack cocaine, lying, etc, we can't just get rid of him.

In Toronto's long and illustrious history, it was never foreseen that an individual like Rob Ford would ever occupy the mayor's chair. No mechanism for removal in place, no way to force this horror of a man to exit. Going forward, there will be such measures available, leaving only the need for a powerful stain remover.

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